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Community Dental Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to improving the oral health of children and individuals with no dental insurance and low incomes by providing accessible treatment and education to their community.

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The Community Dental Foundation eliminates two barriers to dental treatment; access and financial resources. The Foundation provides transportation of the dental providers directly to those in need. Children who receive treatment either have no insurance or their families are financially unable to meet the growing costs of dental care services.

Community Dental Foundation can help children keep the smiles that good health and good feelings bring. Healthy teeth and gums are essential to a child's well being. The mouth and face allow us to speak, smile, taste, eat, kiss, smell, and communicate a wide variety of feelings and emotions. The mouth and face reflect signs and symptoms of not only health and well-being, but may signify disease or injury that can affect a person's quality of life. We want to be able to help the children not only address oral health issues, but to attain self confidence and self esteem.

America's ToothFairy continues to support us yearly with dental supplies and or grants since 2009. We are proud to be part of America's Toothfairy (NCOHF)

Our latest Grant is from Delta Dental of Arizona Foundation.
Thank you Delta Dental for your support!

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