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Tax Deduction

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their futures,
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Contributions are tax-deductible and for AZ residents, a tax credit can be applied.

Community Dental Foundation can accept donations a variety of ways.

1. Donate now over the internet via Paypal using funds from your credit/debit card or bank account

2. Mail your gift via check or money order to:
    Community Dental Foundation
    201 S 36th St
    Phoenix, AZ 85034-2808

Reduce your Arizona State Income Tax by up to:

$500 if Filing Single, or $1000 if Married Filing Jointly
when you donate to Community Dental Foundation via the

"Credit for Contributions to Charities That Provide Assistance to the Working Poor "
  Form 321  .....  AZ State Website

"We're going the miles, making magical smiles"

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