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Poor oral health causes American children to lose 51 million school days each year*. Poor families are forced to make choices between paying rent and food or medicine. Oral Health is the least worry on their minds, but play an important roll in the overall health of a child. Four to five million children have tooth decay that interferes with routine activities, including eating, speaking and attending to learning*

Community Dental Foundation provides mobile dental service in a very modern and efficient fully equipped mobile dental clinic which goes to underserved areas to the
  • neighborhoods / housing communities
  • schools
  • shelters
  • community centers
  • churches
  • foster homes, etc
where the concentration and the needs for urgent dental care is the highest. We provide this service right on site. Community Dental Foundation was established to be able to help provide mobile dental services to all children in the less fortunate financial situations in underserved areas regardless of whether or not they have dental insurance.

Community Dental Foundation is dedicated to improving the oral health of children and individuals with no dental insurance and low incomes by providing accessible treatment and education to their community.

In November, 2006, the founders got involved with providing dental services in underserved areas for children. By dealing personally with the population in poverty, especially the children that needed dental work, the founders recognized there were still too many children that were not able to get urgent needed dental services. Many parents are just not financially stable enough to afford dental insurance and often do not know about the influence of dental care for the total health care of their children. We decided to jump in to help these innocent children to be healthy and educate them about oral health to hopefully prepare and educate the next generation to break this cycle. In 2000, there were 108 million Americans who had lack of dental insurance and many of them are not able to afford to visit a dentist.

Realizing the great need for dental services for the uninsured, the founders created Community Dental Foundation to assist in building a better future for the children!

"We're going the miles, making magical smiles"

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